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Village groups & organisations

Borough Councillor, Gerry Lewin  01634 366113  Email:
Upchurch Parish Council, (Chairman) Sara Tucker  01634 388971
Upchurch Parish Council, (Clerk to the Council) Claire Attaway  01634363906
Holywell Primary School, Headteacher Mrs A Woolcombe  01634 388416
Upchurch Beaver Scouts, Contact Gemma Tutt  01634 365594
Upchurch Cub Scouts, Contact Darren Hatcher  01634 373313
Upchurch Scouts, Contact Gary Rosewell  07831 421266
For general Scout Group enquiries Contact Darren Hatcher (GSL)  01634 373313
Upchurch Brownies, Contact Judy  01634 388624
Upchurch Guides, Contact Tracey Snellings  01634 389271
Upchurch Cricket Club, Secretary Ann Danton  01474 813982  Email:
Upchurch Choral Society, St. Mary's Church, Contact Liz Walters  01634 361897
Upchurch Darby & Joan, Upchurch Village Hall, Contact Doll Patrick  01634 363307
Jean Sims  01634 268476

Upchurch Handbell Ringers, Contact Peter Boakes  01634 230805
Upchurch Horticultural Society, Contact Ted Lightfoot  01634 376895
Upchurch Mothers Union, Contact Mary Barden  01634 364825
Upchurch Players, Contact Gloria Knight  01634 363271
Upchurch Farmers Market, Contact Andrea Candy  01634 36104o

Upchurch Short Mat Bowls Club, Contact Julia Laming  01634 373723
Upchurch Twinning Group, Contact Jim Harman  01634 235420
Upchurch Wives' Group, Contact Linda Martin  01634 234532  Jan Bunting  01634 375109
Julie James 01634 234259
Upchurch Women's Institute, Contact Joyce Gilbert  01634 232346
Upchurch Village Hall, (Bookings) Contact Molly Harris  01634 364859
Gabriel, Contact Dave Candy  01634 361040  Email:
PCSO John Cork, Contact  101  or  Mob
ile  07772 226217  
o report non-urgent crime or make an enquiry  101
Doctors Surgery,
Dr Shaunak, 56 Oak Lane, Upchurch ME9 7AU  01634 231423

Parish Church of Saint Mary the Virgin Upchurch

  Requests for Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals, Revd Jacky Davis  01795 842557
  Churchwarden, Elizabeth Shorthouse  01634 364676  Email:
Church Choir, Contact Sue Rossiter  01634 234780
  Upchurch Bellringers, Contact Ralph Liddell  01634 375481  Email:

Revd Jacky and all the clergy are always ready to offer a listening ear to anyone in times of crisis.


Village Groups & Organisations

Village Groups & Organisations

Upchurch Matters
Office: 01634 389558
Mon - Sat  9:30am - 3:00pm


Telephone Us

Telephone Us

Upchurch boasts a wide array of much valued and essential village groups & organisations.

Many volunteers thanklessly give up their free time every week to run these for the benefit of others.

Lets support them all and help keep Upchurch's village community thriving

If you would like your Upchurch non profit making group or organisation listed here or would like your listing removed or amended then please
contact us.